Hunter College, Fall 2017

History 208 History of the Jews:  The History of the Jews surveys 3000 years in one semester.  Beginning with the origins of the Jewish people in the biblical period, it will look at Jewish identity as it evolved over time.  What were the key beliefs and practices that defined Judaism in each period? What did Jews share or learn from their neighbors? How did they contrast their identity with those of their neighbors?

History 341T (Topics) History of Anti-Semitism: For over two thousand years, Jews have experienced anti-Semitism.  This course will study the varieties of pagan, Christian, and modern racial forms of this ancient prejudice.

JS 300.03 Independent Studies.  Guided readings on a topic in Jewish social studies under faculty supervision.  Usually 3 credits.  Not open to freshmen.  At least one prior Jewish studies course or some prior knowledge of Jewish history, religion, and current affairs is recommended.

JS 310.03 Jewish Social Studies Fieldwork.  Opportunity to earn academic credit through working in a Jewish agency & writing a term paper based on the experience. Hours to be arranged with the agency.  Usually 3 credits for one semester, although the course can be taken twice for a total of 6 credits.

JS 400.03 Individual Honors Project.  Research on a topic in Jewish studies in consultation with a faculty member.  Hours to be arranged. 3 credits.  Juniors or seniors only.  Honors essay required.  Permission of the director of the Program is required.  For further information, contact Professor Ruben.  Usually JS 400 is for Jewish Social Studies majors who wish to graduate with honors.